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Camera cafe bevi e vinci

It was an indescribable moment that completely made us forget how cold we were.
We decided Norway was the place.
And I understand that the whole world is not on the same page.
London is a really beautiful this time of day as the city lights.Elsa and I took a cable car up the mountain for about 33 euro and hiked around for the day.For someone whos held at least one leonardo da vinci chiavenna esiti job since I was 14, not working is a bit strange.Its beautiful here, and theres a nice breeze.Just a bus to the train station, a train to Barcelona and a cab to the hotel.beautiful Tromsø one day, Steve learned about a nearby hike in Skulsfjord, so we packed our rain gear and set out for a day.) Vitto Pitagorico is not the only vegan restaurant in Naples.
( Vincenzo doing activities with the kids.
( Wandering around London me, mom, and Stef ) ( Fun with sweet Molly at the Tower of London ) In Ireland we flew into Shannon airport and stayed in Ennis, a near by town that was just lovely.
And when in doubt, theres always pizza!I mostly enjoyed the wine, mom however, is not a fan of red.I have not tried either place yet, but they come highly recommended.) ( Yes I get to make my way up there every day!They really spoke to my math sensibilities and spoke of the same within the ancient residents of the city.Luckily her nuovo gratta e vinci da 20 euro i fantastici 1000 brother remembered we could get 40 rail day passes from the city counsel.Many friends warned me about how dirty the city was but honestly, sconti per expo after a month of limited showering in the jungle, dirt is the least of my worries!

One of the most impressive exhibits is the collection of Galileo telescopes.
It was so rewarding for me to see the children and the animals becoming so calm around each other.