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Entourage vince

(19 episodes) Adam Davies edit First appearing late in Season 1, Davies worked at the Terrance McQuewick Agency (TMA) and represented Drama, purportedly as part of a "family deal".
Played by Malcolm McDowell.However, despite winning the game, Alan rants off against Ari for even bringing up Vince, but has a heart attack on the golf course and dies hours later.Mrs Ari has been shown to book of leonardo da vinci drawings fully support her husband in his decisions through thick and thin, although in season 6, she is disgusted with Ari lying to her about Andrew Klein cheating on his wife Marlo (whom she had become close friends with).Because of the success of Aquaman in Season 3, the studio authorizes the production of the sequel,.The actress who plays Christy, Kate Albrecht, is the daughter of former HBO President/CEO Chris Albrecht.She appears to have a crush on Turtle, and Turtle starts to feel the same despite his relationship.
(3 Episodes) Scott Wick edit A homosexual Hollywood producer, Wick is one of Ari's friends.
In the season 3 episode "Gotcha Shore hosts a new Punk'd -style reality show called Gotcha that has the tagline, "You got Got!" Shore has Drama as his first target.He joins the gang in flying to Cannes for the Medellin premiere in the season finale "The Cannes Kids" but as with Cameron in Queens Boulevard, he refuses to let Yair Marx see the film.Still bitter over how she and Vince parted ways, Amanda wants the studio job to ensure the company will no longer work with Vince and Ari.She pushes Vince to do an adaptation of an Edith Wharton novel as his next movie but gets very upset when Vince puts it on hold as Ari reintroduces the Medellin script to him.I mean, I destroyed Murray.Knowing that studio president Alan Gray will make sure Vince is not involved in the project, Ari fails to convince Bob not to sign a perks package that would finalize the sale.

In the second season, Marvin tries to discourage Vince from buying an expensive house when he had not even landed the title role in Aquaman yet.
Late in the season, Nick uses his newly opened trust fund to finance Billy Walsh's production of Medellin.
Walsh hires Ari as his agent after Ari signs him, Vince and E to do a new movie, Lost in the Clouds.